About Hoffmann2cv

Hoffmann 2cv was founded 30 years ago in a small village in southern Germany. .

Wolfgang Hoffmann started as a Citroen dealer and then made the choice to dedicate himself only to his passion : The 2CV..

In 1988 the first designs and prototypes of the yet famous Hoffmann Cabrio were coming to light..

Hoffmann 2cv found his style combining quality and elegance..

Wolfgang Hoffmann transformed the 2cvs into pick-up, cabrio, stretch limo, while still cherishing the originals, restoring and making them eternally beautifull thanks to his inox chassis conceptualized and manufactured by himself..

On demand of many clients Hoffmann 2cv restores and maintains also others Citroen old-timers : DS, Traction, Méhari....

Felix, Wolfgangs' son grew-up surrounded by 2cvs, as a small child he already liked to follow his father in the garage..

The day of his driving licence he got his first 2cv and thats how the family passion was spreaded for the famous little french car..

Felix became master in car-body works and quickly father and son started working together..

Both of them driven by the desire to keep the 2cv spirit alive: Hair blowing in the wind, cruising the roads and taking time to enjoy the landscape, feel free... some of us will remember good memories, like childhood vacations with aunt Susan and the whole family sitting on the back seat of the car, grandpa Thomas driving his 2cv..

Or a short trip over the weekend with friends the car full of guitars, luggages and laughter!.

A mythical car so lovely with the special sound form the boxer engine, a real generator of memories and happinness!.


Wolfgang and Felix Hoffmann..

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